Climate Change Mitigation

Pro Poor Climate Change Mitigation

Unchecked, climate change will push up to 130 million people into poverty over the next 10 years—reversing the hard-won development gains—and could cause over 200 million people to migrate within their own countries Soon!

ESF and its partners uniquely placed to address this extraordinary nexus of challenges of climate change, we are engaged with donors and stakeholders requesting them to step up and give more to the most vulnerable people a fair chance at recovery from climate change disasters and build resilience.

Besides the core mission of providing affordable clean energy to the underserved and reducing the carbon footprint locally, ESF will focus on specific climate change mitigation actions.

Mitigating Climate change diseases.

Realizing the holistic, interconnected nature of challenges, ESF will focus on enhancing the community’s ability to respond to climate-related communicable disease threats.


Storm Prediction and Protection.

ESF is building capacity to predict the storms, provide reliable information to the coastal communities and further build capacity on managing Coastal zone projects such as expanded mangroves for storm protection.


Climate change mitigation- Access to clean water.

ESF is focusing on improved coastal infrastructure for harvesting rainwater to overcome the saltwater intrusion due to rising sea levels.