Impact focus and Mission 2023-2026

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Our Mission

  1. First Time Users (FTUs) of Reliable Electricity :
    Energy access/Clean energy for off grid communities/productive grids, – using blended capital.
    A) Solar/Wind-Solar Hybrid Micro grids
    B) Forest waste to Energy with a large impact on preventing forest fires and enhanced livelihood for women in the hills: Pine Needle feed based clean electricity generation and promoting circular economy.

  2. Affordable Clean Energy leading to higher throughput of patients :
    Mission of providing clean energy to charity, public and grant funded healthcare facilities in rural India – Using Blended capital.

  3. Responsible and inclusive trekking :
    Integrating the remote, high altitude communities with the economy of trekking and providing opportunities to the underprivileged young to experience the joy of trekking.

  4. At the intersection of Environment conservation – Climate Change mitigation and livelihood :
    A) WASTE PROCESSING & LIVELIHOOD: Providing market access opportunities , thus enhancing livelihood of underprivileged in rural India by harvesting water hyacinth using solar dryers/solar weaving and enable them to take the finished products (Yoga mats, Bags etc) to the market.
    B) SOFT : SOLAR ORGANIC FOOD TRADING. Providing opportunities to the remote (particularly in the hills) communities to access the urban /metro markets for marketable agricultural surplus, leveraging the reliable clean energy available to them < famous Uttarkashi (Organic) Chitra Rajma, Organic apples grown at high altitudes, Buransh juice, Himalayan salt, Turmeric, Apricot etc etc.>

  5. Weather Forecasting services for farmers :
    E-Hands Foundation has been engaged with meteorologists/climate scientists across the world to improve the predictability of weather for India’s marginalised farmers, communities in flood prone areas, coastal areas and the cloudburst/landslide affected communities of Himalayas. The Foundation intends to develop forecasting solutions which increase the resolution (accuracy) to less than 400 meters grid, besides drastically improving the lead time for warnings. The Foundation would also provide solutions to the farmers for mitigating the risks of the climate change ( heat wave / cold wave / excess rain- floods / short of rains / draught / landslides / avalanches / snow storms / landslides / cyclones etc ) on short term and medium term.