Key Pioneering work by the Founders & Associates of ESF

Things we are Proud of

Our Work

  1. India’s first Wireless in Local Loop (WLL) social enterprise to help connect the remote Himalayan communities with the world in 2001/2002.

  2. First in India to combine small wind turbine with solar to create hybrid of Wind-Solar ensuring 24×7 clean energy – (2010).

  3. First wind-solar hybrid powered micro grid in eastern UP, powering the village streetlights, homes and the community toilets, delivering impact to thousands of people in Basti District (UP) (2011).

  4. Administered grants/charity funds of over INR 85 Crores for social impact projects of wide ranging sections of the underprivileged for over as the Treasurer and Chair of the Grants Administration Committee of World’s largest Private charity’s arm in India. (2009-2021).

  5. Pioneered the Net-Zero initiative in almost 1000 villages/towns spread across 21 States of India, in association with Banks/Financial institutions/hospitals/ rural micro enterprises. (2008-2022).

  6. High altitude deployment skills : Commissioned and operated Wind Solar microgrid at 16,000 feet on Indo-Tibet border (2016 – continuing).

  7. FTUs – Delivered clean electricity to over 10,000 people (First Time Users of Reliable Electricity) in high altitudes of Himalayas in Uttarakhand, Sikkim, HP, Arunachal Pradesh and J&K. (2013-2019).

  8. Contributed to the national disaster relief measures and distributed over 5000 Solar home lighting systems in successive disasters/earthquakes in Nepal, Uttarakhand and HP since the disastrous 2013 cloud burst. (2013-2022).

  9. Pioneered the concept of “Blended Finance” for sustained operations of solar microgrids in Maharashtra/UP, by blending the Philanthropic Capital with Impact capital and community subscription. Case Study/Success story presented in Asian Development bank’s ACEF and other international social impact forums. (2019).

  10. Demonstrated the power of consistent & reliable renewable/clean energy’s effect on financial inclusion of the underprivileged six million people in deep rural India have been brought into the formal banking/financial inclusion efforts of India. This is reported and circulated widely in the international media (2022).